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The buds are bursting. Some are thinking flowers and some are thinking of others types of buds. From budweiser to some that are living that "Canadian lifestyle" in the "medical marihuana industry". (Note: we are only about the wine but we respect everyone's right to get whatever prescription that helps with their health. Different strokes for different folks!). 


Definition - NEW SHOOTS 

What does it mean? It is when vines begin to produce their first new shoots. For the growers and the showers (not to be confused with taking a hot shower!) during the growing season.

Wine Shoots | Victory Wine


Most of the time in the SPRING. 

Feeling a little down? You won't be now. And if you don't know, now you know...

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Just another synonym. And we are not talking about buds breaking up. Break ups are never easy but they are with wine. (Should we trademark that?) 


Remember not to confuse that with harvest if you are trying to show off a little. All in good fun! 


Look to burst onto the wine scene with a new type of wine. 

You won't need to look like this cute cat

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