Best Quarantine Wine?

That 70's Show 

Kutcher and Kunis making headlines with the their "quarantine wine" and doing it for a good cause. 100 percent of their profits go to COVID-19 relief causes. 

Good Karma and Good Causes 

But there will always be doubters and naysayers as some are saying that it may propel too much drinking during the pandemic. It could lead to dependency for some and may cause people to excessively drink in the name of a good cause.

What are They Saying? 

Like, Kunis said, you're basically getting two bottles of wine in exchange for donating to some charities. And you don't even have to wear carbon-neutral kicks to enjoy it. 

Hold Water and Hold Judgment 

Not for us to judge but you to read and enjoy! 

What have been your fave wines during this time? 

We love to hear from you in any form you see fit! 


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