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You ever hear that expression, "Oh you are so backwards!" Some "young kids" calling you a "dinosaur". You reply, "But I got email on my phone son! I am not a dinosaur. And this dinosaur puts food on your plate!" 

To which your son, with some bravado and swagger (or "swagga") replies, "Ya, but I am always moving forward and my plate will be on point due to all my wealth!) 

Well, do you handle it as a parent? Not for us to say and you got the wrong place if you are looking that advice.

We are here to grow our partners' brands and entertain our loyal following!

What does it mean in wine? 

The wine is backwards? Does that mean it is old? Made in prehistoric times? 

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(That is Van Jones from CNN in case you didn't know. He has been a staunch support of criminal justice reform and fighting for the rights of coloured persons. Well done!) 



A wine that is tight, closed in or slightly reserved. 

You say, "I am reserved so I would like that wine." 

Not quite.

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Aromas and other important qualities are not readily available to the taster.

So what kind of wines have that? 

This is often a normal trait in young wines. 


Yes, we have heard that before. So you just need to wait some time as they develop. 

Backward wines are mostly considered unsophisticated and unapproachable, but can taste excellent when aged well! 


Allow nature and time to take its course! 

That is what "cellars" are for to let them age and then you look forward to that amazing moment! 

Check out our collection as our wines are ready to be had but also can work with well with aging. Particularly, those in oak barrels! 

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Yes, the pleasure was all ours and hope you enjoyed it! 

And who was that picture on the headliner for the Blog - yes, Brad Pitt, in the movie Benjamin Button. Good flick if you have not seen it. It will help you see life and evolution of wines in a different way! 



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