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We have been regularly discussing the pH balance with foods and wines. Many people are learning the benefits of alkaline eating and drinking. Avoiding those overly processed foods and focusing on a more natural, organic and alkaline diet. We have discussed the importance of your "gut health". It is no coincidence that actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis has stood behind the importance of probiotics in foods like yogurt. Again, you should also consult with medical and health professionals to determine what type of diet works best for you.

But some common sense people!? Do you feel better after that heavy fast food washed down with overly acidic pop and salty fries, or after a homemade spinach and kale organic risotto with grilled salmon? Rhetorical question - we know. 


Yes, we can be a little moody sometimes and get overly aggressive. We look back and say, "How did that happen?" Maybe your stomach was a little off. Perhaps, your stomach ache from too much acidity in some low calibre wine. 

Yes, seems like a good idea at that time but then your body is not loving you. So why not go for the quantity over quality? 

But  what does aggressive mean in wine? 

Too high in acidity! 

Any other reasons for a wine being too aggressive? 

Yes, hard tannins are a little too plentiful to be put it euphemistically. 

 We will have another entertaining topic to come on that. 

We digress back to the topic at hand. 


If you are looking for a wine that your mind and body will thank you before, during, and after, then focus on wines that are not too acidic. There is always a balance with acidity that makes it optimal. Much like food in that some acidity is a good thing but remember the pH scale:

  • A pH of 0 indicates a high level of acidity.
  • A pH of 7 is neutral.
  • A pH of 14 is the most basic, or alkaline.

Keep those in mind and you will be a "quasi" PhD in knowing what your body needs in terms of a "less aggressive wine" and a more balanced life.

Remember to smell that wine, hold and then "don't forget to exhale". 

At the end of the day, leave the "aggressive" for the UFC fights and stay calm my friends. Long breath, low acidic foods and wines equals a better chance of a  long life. 

Oh yes, some wines to select for the end of the day. 

(P.S. Our new French wines certainly dovetail and harmonize with the above concepts!) 

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