Acidity in wine. Too much or too little? Skip the Line. Buy Wine Online

A word that some find to be dreaded and others find to be evoking a positive sense. Different strokes for different folks. Let's delve a little deep into the word as it relates to wine. 


In general terms, the answer is yes! Acidity bolsters the freshness of the wines. Some experts say it gives it a "boost" or a "lift".


Yes, we have all heard that expression or adage. There is a reason behind the staying power or timelessness of these adages. 

But why with acidity? 

Think about adding some lemon to your dish like an overly sweet dish, chicken or poultry where you balance it out. However, you are not going take that slice of lemon and take it right to your grill, right? You are going to be feeling awfully torqued up especially with your face. A little risky for those pearly whites as well. However, many studies praise the value of the alkaline forming nature of lemons in your body. Yes, tricky stuff in that lemons are acidic in the mouth but alkaline forming in the body. Middle ground - lemon in the glass so you drink alkaline water and that is a phenomenal way to "cleans the palette" when you are sipping in a sophisticated fashion. 

We digress or return to the topic at hand! 

Too much acidity may make the wine taste sour or angular. (Bolster your wine vocab with the latter. Imagine yourself transforming your wine vocab so you can enjoy that much needed holiday at a world class winery so you can be engaging on a different level. #sophisticatedsippin

Not enough acidity will make a wine feel flabby and too rounded! 


Cogitate about these issues that is like that perfect human body you are desiring. You do not want to be so muscle bound that you have lost your flexibility. Likewise you don't want to be so lean that you do not have the muscle or power to lift up a...hmmm....a case of wine 


 The inspiration behind this blog division is that we are delineating between the knowledge disseminated to our loyal customer base so they can learn more about wine (frankly, much of them are experts in their own right) and have some fresh ideas for meals with loved ones. We are going to power through this pandemic with one phrase in mind: we are not striving for happiness but remaining too busy to be sad! (And certainly strive for happiness while you are busy!) 

The title is always focused on consumption wine in a sophisticated manner. 

We had to delve deep into the definitions and sipping is that 'slow and measured consumption' and all of you out there are sophisticated so let's tie the two! 

Put a bow in it and we are out until next time! 


 Oh sorry, almost forgot which wines are perfectly balanced for your wine consumption. 

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