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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves (a little homage to a Jay-Z - more info below)...well allow us to introduce (or reintroduce depending your knowledge base of this grape specifically and generally) the Xinomavro wine! 

What is it? 

In short, it is the most important grape of Naoussa, Greece where wine enthusiasts often cite the Xinomavro’s similarities to the Nebbiolo grape and the collector-worthy wine’s of Barolo.

Where can you find this in the Victory portfolio? 

See below. If reading is no longer your thing or hated doing it in school and you were destined for the consumer and biz world, no judgments here. 

The Reconstruction and Reformulation of Greek Wine 

Thymiopoulos Vineyards has altered the world’s perception of Greek Wine in multi-faceted ways


The aforementioned winery transformed the classical grape variety Xinomvaro which, in turn, bolster the overall Greek brand. Speaking from "corporate experience" at the various international wine fairs, our fellow colleagues and "retail goes" flock to the Greek wines and particularly this winemaker. Their winery and people behind it have real cache and have that quasi-celebrity status! 

Modern Rep

So what do we mean? Smooth, full of ripe small red fruits, balanced acidity and rounded tannins and age worthy. (You ever had that bad stomach ache after drinking? well - of course not because you always drink in moderation and only the best). Well, for some of us, we "have had" and that is certainly not from over consumption but merely from a wine that is too acidic and/or not balanced. By the way, the same applies to food. If you are too focused on the processed foods, your stomach can do some funny tricks on you. This is particularly apposite when the stress is mounting all around. Focus on those alkaline foods which will help you digest better. Moreover, if you are not into those green leafy things called vegetables and you think supersizing french-fries at the Golden Arches (aka McDonalds) is sufficient vegetables for a fortnight, then all the more reason to sample this wine!  

Natural and Biodynamic 

Implementing natural and biodynamic principle allows the consumer to enjoy nature taking its course. Of course, we cannot be so laissez-faire (for all our junior economists out there) but working with (as opposed to against) is a hallmark of this transformation of this wine and that of Thymiopoulos Vineyards. Think of it as a true expression of what nature intended as opposed to some masquerading of it. Ever heard the expression "acquired taste", well that is your taste buds and pallet becoming more sophisticated. Think of your experimenting with this wine as a transformation of your sophistication. You will always get to sound knowledgeable about the area of Naoussa

 Olfactory Heaven

The aromas and flavours of Burgundy and Barolo will have you nose thanking you. Seriously, show some love to that beautiful structure on your face that has two openings because it has been beaten down with all of these masks and social distancing! If your noses are anything like ours, they are becoming more indented by the day and scared to even poke their existence out into existence. 

Presuming you know what burgundy is, what is that second B-word? Yes, it is all PG-13 here with the language but over 19 with that other "organ" called the mouth. 

Barolo is traditionally thought of being Italian associated but Naoussa is known as the Barolo of Greece. 

Moreover, we hope and pray those in Italy are doing as well as possible but you can take great confidence in how Greece has handled COVID-19 and the confidence you can have in the safety of our products and your health! 


Ok, so we are all salivating and figuring how we can include this in our meal tonight, right? Well, at least, we are and we hope you are! 

So we make it easier than put your favourite Netflix show on repeat by providing the links and buttons right before you! 

We hope you enjoyed this virtual trip into the Xinomarvro wine and feel free to ask a question if anything was not clear! 

Thanks for reading and until next time, enjoy responsibly! 

(Oh why the mention of Jay-Z - well, we found this one entertaining courtesy of People Magazine

(Too busy and too interested in the wine - in short, Jay-Z and Beyonce sent Reese Witherspoon some of their bubbly after Reese asked for some when their table, at the Golden Globes, ran out of bubbly! Reese got snubbed. I guess Jay-Z forgot that Reese is a star lawyer from "Legally Blonde"! 

Nothing like connecting North America and Europe with some modern flare. For our next blog, we will give you some suggestions on what this wine can pair with...

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